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Adjunct Procedures


Chin Augmentation can be performed in combination with Rhinoplasty. When a chin is small, the nose often appears proportionately bigger. By virtue of augmenting the chin, the appearance of the nose is softened. Chin Augmentation produces subtle changes to the face that can greatly improve a patient’s overall appearance and enhance their confidence. The goal of a Chin Augmentation is to provide the patient with a balanced, harmonious, and more defined chin, jawline, and profile.

Chin Implant Surgery is designed to refine the appearance and increase the size of the chin.

It can also refine the neck and jawline while recontouring the area. During this procedure, silicone implants that have been altered specifically for each patient are placed atop of their natural bone structure in the chin.

Dr. Chacra’s approach when it comes to Chin Augmentation is to create a balanced definition.

By delicately recontouring a patient’s facial structure, he provides his patients with an enhanced, more aesthetic profile.

Patients may experience subtle or dramatic changes to their profile depending on the size and shape of the Chin Implant that Dr. Chacra deems the most appropriate for their face.

At Clinique 7, we believe that these changes are meant to be both natural and virtually undetectable.

A successful Chin Augmentation will highlight surrounding features, such as a patient’s eyes or lips. Dr. Chacra strives to provide his patients with the most natural look possible, unless they are seeking a more dramatic result, in which case he can personalize their surgical plan accordingly during the Consultation Process.


During a Chin Augmentation, a small incision is made directly under the chin.

Dr. Chacra carefully creates a tight pocket where he secures the customized silicone implant in place. The implant is sutured to the deeper tissues within the chin to avoid shifting and moving.


Dr. Chacra first performs an in-depth analysis as to the unique facial anatomy of each patient. This includes the structure of the chin itself, as well as the nose, and the rest of the face.

As with any cosmetic surgery, patients’ personal desires are always taken into consideration. Computer imaging software enables us to share a preview of your potential results, whereby you can visualize what different size implants may look like.
During this thorough examination, Dr. Chacra will establish the degree of desired projection that will best suit the patient’s facial shape and profile.

After a detailed discussion about the procedure, Dr. Chacra will select an implant size that will best compliment your facial features. Generally, the smaller the chin, the larger the implant will have to be to provide adequate projection.

The chosen incision method and placement of the implant is also a custom approach. All these components come together to ensure natural results.


Chin implants are typically made of silicone or other biocompatible materials.
Dr. Chacra prefers to work with what is called a Rigid Silicone Implant because they achieve optimal recontouring results.

Chin Augmentation is designed to enhance the contour of the chin.
Rigid Silicone Implants allow for tissue growth and prevent shifting of the implant.


Chin Implants are considered safe when performed by an experienced, board-certified surgeon. Dr. Chacra values safety and ethics and uses only the most advanced materials and state-of-the-art placement techniques.

The procedures we offer at Clinique 7 are performed with the utmost care and consideration.

Dr. Chacra is always abreast of new developments as far as the treatments we offer to ensure the highest standard of quality, care, and vigilance when it comes to his patients and their results.

Typically, after about two weeks, the implant will be stable and sit in its permanent position.


Patients who present with a recessed chin, or what’s referred to as a “weak chin” are good candidates for this procedure. Dr. Chacra’s ability to blend facial enhancements with the rest of the face ensures that patients achieve the most balanced facial proportions possible.


Although the change is immediate, the final results can only be perceived once the healing process has ended, approximately 6 weeks post-op. Patients usually experience temporary swelling and moderate bruising or tenderness in the chin area which subsides within the first couple of days following surgery.

Patients are usually able to resume daily activities and go back to work after 1 week.


  • Superb, natural results that last a lifetime when performed properly.
  • A more projected chin allows for enhanced balance between the upper and lower parts of the face. An undefined or “weak” (receding) chin may suggest a timid presence.
  • Chin Implants add volume and shape to the chin, creating balanced definition with the rest of your features. This procedure breeds a high level of satisfaction with little pain or downtime.
  • More defined facial contours often make patients feel and appear more confident than someone with an underdeveloped chin. Although a single feature does not create natural harmony when it comes to the face, enhancing the structure of the chin can lead to a more attractive face.

Meticulously chosen by Dr. Chacra, a high-quality Chin Augmentation is not only undetectable, but truly mimics the appearance and feel of natural bone and tissue.

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Chin Liposuction, also known as Submental Liposuction, is a cosmetic surgery that allows the surgeon to remove excess fat from beneath the chin.

Dr. Chacra uses only the safest and most advanced techniques to create defined, natural contours along the neck and jawline. This procedure is performed on the same day as a patient’s Rhinoplasty, just as a Chin Implant would.

Unlike a Chin Implant, however, Chin Liposuction is a reductive procedure.

While the patient is under anesthesia, a cannula (very thin metal tube) is used to carefully suction out excess fat from the chin.

Although this procedure is quick, it still requires skill and gentleness.

As with all our surgeries, Chin Liposuction does not generally produce any noticeable scarring.

Once the incisions are closed, a chin strap garment is fitted. To ensure optimal results, it is required that patients wear it for a few days during the post-operative period. Compression garments are intended to minimize bruising and control drainage following surgery.


  • Achievement of a more defined, attractive jawline.
  • Ability to remove localized fat, which otherwise cannot be improved simply with diet and exercise.
  • Aesthetic improvement of a prominent facial feature, contributing to an overall more refined profile.
  • Short surgical time.
  • Incredibly minimal, if any, scarring.


Following Chin Liposuction, patients usually experience some mild discomfort that is alleviated by prescribed pain medication. Work may be resumed after only a few days, or up to a week. Generally, this is a very swift and simple surgery to recover from.


Most patients see a noticeable change after 1 week, with gradual improvement over the course of 3 weeks. The swelling is more significant as it is a “soft” area of the face.

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